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Cat assisted project managing and synching with iCloud.

holbox is designed to help you organize anything you have in mind, it comes with multiple tools, ranging from very basic ones like notes to others a bit more complex like Kanban.

holbox ultra fast synching with all your devices on: MacBook, iMac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch using iCloud.



Create boards and organize your projects by creating a card in the board for each task you need to complete, and move these cards along the columns in your board as the project progresses; exportable to CSV and compatible with Spreadsheets on Numbers, Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

To Do

Create check lists to remember and track the things you need to do.


Create lists of things you need to get when you visit the supermarket next time.


Write your ideas and thoughts, and have them with you ready at all times; exporting to PDF now available.


On the Apple Watch app you can only create the first board, more boards and projects can be created on the iOS and macOS apps, and these will be shared with your Apple Watch app using iCloud.

PDF and CSV exporting is not available on the Apple Watch app, but they are available on the iOS and macOS apps.


holbox do NOT track your activity in any way, not Analytics nor any other event or behaviour metrics. Whatever you do with this app is up to you and we don't want to know about it.

Your projects are codified, compressed and stored locally in your device, they are also sent to a private container in iCloud to be able to share them with your other devices, only you have access to them, if you prefer you can disable iCloud for this app in your device Settings.

Notifications are only used to let you know of important messages or errors while you are using the app. We will NOT send you Push Notifications.